Welcome to Victoria Keith Sells.  My name is Victoria Keith. I am a top sales performer in the sales field.  I worked multiple dead-end jobs that maxed out between 25,000 to 40,000 a year.  Now, that salary might be good to some, but it nagged at me.  I always felt like I was worth more for my time.  So, while I was in between jobs after being fired from a temp job I ventured into auto sales.  That was the turning point for me. From $40,000 a year, my first year in auto sales I made over $90,000.  Then, my second year I almost doubled my salary.  

This site is designed to equip you to become a top sales performer in your field through trainings, ebooks and live classes. My goal is to share content with you about my experience as a six figure salesperson and top performer in my field to aide you in turning your mediocre salary into a top performer salary.  So, sit back and enjoy the content.  



Victoria Keith