End of Month Deals: Dealership Deals and Customer Steals

Welcome to Ask Victoria. I know it is May 1, 2019, but this information will assist you in planning your car shopping plans for the month of May.

I hope the last day of April was a great one for you. When the end of the month arrives it can be great news for car shoppers. Yes, the notion that you can get better deals at the end of the month is true! I’m going to run down three reasons why car shopping just might be the best time to shop. When you break it down it is as simple as a numbers game. That makes sense as to why the end of the month is prime car shopping time.

The first number you need to keep in mind is the salesperson’s number. Every month there is a goal that sales professionals have to reach. Let me tell you, as a former sales person, there is no pressure quite like the end of the month, you are short of your monthly goal and you see a victim, I mean customer arrive on the lot. You move in and begin to work your behind off to make sure that customer does NOT leave the lot without being sold. It works in your favor to capitalize on the fact that everyone has a number: sales professionals and you. This added pressure on a salesperson begins a trickle down affect.

Next, the salesperson works the sales manager to work hard on behalf of the customer. The sales manager is affected by the end of month deals, too. As I stated earlier, it is a numbers game and as a result they will need as many deals as possible to meet their quota. Definitely take advantage of the fact that you have the power to control the deal and the terms you.

Finally, the dealership needs you. As a result of the dealership having a quota of new and certified pre-owned vehicles it has to sell each month, a customer floating in to the dealership near the end or the last day of the month is appreciated. That appreciate can go a long way in the form of a deal out of this world or quite possibly one that you would not have been able to get earlier in the month. A dealership will take a bigger loss on the front-end of a new or certified pre-owned vehicle to meet their goal, because when they meet their quota the manufacturer will reward them on the later.

So, the answer is yes the end of the month can prove to be the best time to car shop. I hope this information was helpful. If so, please be sure to grab your FREE car shopper’s checklist on my website www.AskVictoria.net The checklist provides you with tips to start and guide you through the car shopping process to ensure you drive home happy.

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Mark Your Calendar and Make Your Plans To Car Shop

Mark Your Calendar and Make Your Plans To Car Shop

No Luck, All Preparation

Do you believe in luck? I don’t. I love a quote by Oprah,” preparation meets opportunity.” Everyday, I get up and follow a routine. I prepare for my day. I’m sure like most of you, there are certain things you do daily, too. These are requirements, I believe, to have a successful day. If ever there’s a day I am unable to follow my routine my day feels off. However, I do not fret over it. Instead, I reset and prepare for the next day.

I ramble off all of that to ask do you have a daily preparation routine? If so, what is it? Feel free to comment below. Even better, how do you prepare to go car shopping? Do you believe in just lucking up on a great deal?

I believe there should be preparation in everything, even car shopping. So, let’s unfold the idea of preparing to car shop. There are 10 steps that every car buyer should take to prepare and successfully buy a car. I’ve talked about this before and feel it is definitely reason number one to a happy car purchase. Research, research, research the dealership via their website. You gain so much valuable information from reading. Reading comments and reviews of previous customers.

Based on your research, you should select a salesperson work with so you will have the undivided attention of the best sales professional at the dealership. Next, you should schedule an appointment with the sales person. Setting aside one-on-one time, expedites the process and eliminates time wasted at the car lot. Now, who doesn’t mind getting out of the car lot in a timely fashion. Okay?!

These are just three of the ten tips I have available on the FREE car shopping checklist. To grab the FREE checklist just click the link at the top of the website and instantly download https://askvictoria.net

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Check The Website... Not This One The Dealership's Website!

How often do you checkout a website or do a Google search before you buy a product or service? Often, right? I know I’m the queen of Google. I search and research the heck out of things before I buy or receive service. This simple step is one that is overlooked by so many when it comes to car shopping. Why? If I research, read reviews about what I’m going to eat for a meal under $50.00, why wouldn’t I read reviews about the dealership I’m going to purchase a $20,30 or, 40,000.00 vehicle? When you think about it, it starts to sound rather ridiculous. Well, don’t beat yourself up too much over it. I’m guilty of doing it myself. This website and blog are designed to counter any car purchasing mistakes you could make thanks to those myself and others have made. So, when researching an auto dealer’s website there are three things you should check out.

First, checkout the layout. If the layout is unorganized, hard to search, multiple pop-ups and outdated information RUN. Seriously, run. If the dealership hasn't taken the time to organize their website for clients then they do not, can not or refuse to invest in their own company. Why do you believe they would invest in you. More importantly, why would you invest your valuable time with them. You are the client that drives their business and if the website isn’t a priority for them it stands to reason you must not be either. Be sure to thoroughly checkout the website.

Second, when people say reading is fundamental. It’s so true. When searching an auto dealership’s website be sure to read the reviews. Don’t just read reviews of the sales professionals, but checkout the service reviews as well. If that’s where you will be bringing your car for service you want your experience purchasing your car and servicing your car to be equally as pleasant. If you don’t have time to read every review at least skim a few and notice the five star rating. If they received 3.5 out of 5 stars, it might be a reason to delve into reading as many reviews as possible. Please keep an open-mind when reading, there are people that exist that even the supreme being himself couldn’t please. There are some reviews that you might be able to overlook. Read, but read with caution.

Thirdly, utilize the website to snag great deals. Oftentimes, when you go directly to the car lot without searching the website, the window sticker will not display rebates, discounts and other incentives that are listed on the dealership’s website. So, make sure the vehicle(s) that interest you are first researched on the dealership’s website. I recommend you print out the information or take a screenshot on your phone. It’s hard for a salesperson to argue with their own information when it’s staring them in the face. I hope these three tips were helpful. If so, please feel free to like, share, subscribe and leave a comment.

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Get In The Driver’s Seat - Read, Research and Equip Yourself

Get In The Driver’s Seat - Read, Research and Equip Yourself



Today, let’s talk about credit scores. Before you hit the car lot it is imperative that you know your credit score. Why is knowing your credit score important - several reasons. One, knowledge is power. Two, the more you know the better position it places you as a consumer. In the past, I’ve had car shoppers come to lot seeking a $350 payment on a $25,000 car! Yet, they were working with a credit score under 600. Challenged credit does NOT put you in the position to receive the better interest rates. Oftentimes, I have to inform customers after they’ve arrived on the car lot what their credit score is, because they did NOT do their due diligence and research it. This is time wasted for both of us. Now, I turn into a credit instructor instead of a car sales professional. We end up spending time discussing credit scores, the affects of credit scores when buying a car, etc instead of discussing what kind of car you want.

In the interest of not wasting time at a car lot, I strongly recommend doing your homework. Consider downloading credit apps such as Credit Karma or Credit Sesame. These apps allow you to have an estimate of where you fall within the FICO credit range. You will be equipped with that knowledge and not blindsided when car sales professionals, like myself present a sales quote with your interest rates. Like I tell customers all of the time: “Credit score determines interest rate and interest rate determines payment.”

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Do You Know What This Month Is? It’s My Anniversary...

They say time flies when you’re having fun. Welp, this month marks fours years in the car sales industry.

January 2015, I started at Steve Landers Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. As a consumer, I know what I thought about car sales professionals. As I entered the business, I wanted to change that perception by talking with, listening to and achieving my customer’s goal of buying their dream car. I believe most cases I was successful. If I came up short, I provided them with information and tips to tackle any challenges that prevented us from reaching that goal so that when they did the things they needed: save a down payment, get a co-signer, or work on their credit it would bring them back to me. So, thank you to the hundreds of customers that have allowed me to earn your business. Every year, I sought to improve upon the last! As I enter into year five, I want to challenge anyone that has car questions to feel free to email me at victoria@askvictoria.net Don’t go to the car lot blind. Get info to help you search, find and purchase your dream vehicle and drive home happy.

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Year-End Thoughts. Already?

As the year comes to a close do you reflect on the would’ve, could’ve, should’ve of 2018? I admit I’m guilty of doing it. I would’ve had this, IF. I should’ve been here, BUT. I could’ve made this, HOWEVER. No sooner than I slip into would’ve, could’ve, should’ve mode I quickly snap out of it and realize I’m in control of how my year happened - good or bad. No, I did not accomplish everything on my 2018 resolutions list. However, I did tackle some things I am pretty proud of, such as, creating, developing and growing Ask Victoria. I get so much joy from writing this blog, answering your questions and positioning you to WIN as you venture to the car lot.

I will not make a resolutions list going into 2019. I feel like that sets me up to become overwhelmed before the year starts. Plus, if I create said resolution list and complete it what will I have to work towards the rest of 2019. I choose to continue to grow and improve upon areas in my life personally and professionally.

Part of my growing professionally includes releasing my first ebook. Yay! Good news for you the ebook will drop before the end of 2018 with plans to release even more ebooks in 2019. You will not have an excuse for buying a car and feeling disappointed, because Ask Victoria is working hard to provide solid information for your next trip to the car lot. So, hold on for the fun ride ahead with Ask Victoria.

Let’s Go!

- Victoria


You Have Questions. I Have Answers.

it was all a dream… why i started ask Victoria

My name is Victoria Keith. For almost four years, I have sold cars. I never imagined I would ever still be selling cars, as I could never find a job or career that captured my interest for very long. Well, here I am about to celebrate year four in the auto industry. I can attribute sustaining a level of success to the great people I get to meet daily. I come in contact with a very diverse group of men and women. As a result of successfully assisting so many great individuals, I have gained some friends for life.

As my career developed, I began to create my social media presence. As that increased so did the questions about car shopping. Everyday I receive questions about how, when, why and more about the car buying process. That led to the birth of www.AskVictoria.net. It is a website created to inform, educate and assist car shoppers with tips and tricks to overcome the perceived hassle of car shopping.

The journey to AskVictoria.net has been a very exciting one as I am able to assist so many family members, friends and supporters nationwide. Welcome to AskVictoria.net. This is just the beginning of what will be a great resource of information for making what some consider the second largest purchase of your life. This is your source of information through my blog, ebooks, and products that will be available soon. Don’t forget: You Have Questions. I Have Answers. #AskVictoria

Email those questions to victoria@askvictoria.net